The Enterprise Mobile Revolution

The Mobile Revolution and How It's Changing the Enterprise!

It is expected that for majority of IT decision makers, expanding the use of mobility technologies for employees and partners will be high priority in 2013. Global mobile phone sales are set to cross desktop sales within a few years. Smartphone and tablet adoption continues to climb world wide at a rapid pace.

Per forecasts, enterprise mobile users throughout the global business community will number upwards of 1 Billion by year-end, and account for about one-third of the workforce. Additionally, the expectations of enterprise users are increasing. They would like to do much more than send and receive email on the fly -  handling more challenging tasks such as checking inventory, completing orders, providing real-time delivery status updates to customers, monitoring patients remotely, approving HNI bank transactions and so on.

The above nuggets of information suggest that we are at the beginning of a massive wave of 'Mobile-ization' of IT. This provides vast opportunities and challenges to companies in terms of how they build the right infrastructure, in order to make their data and information truly mobile.

So that customers, suppliers, and employees are constantly in touch, not shackled to a wired infrastructure. So that you don't miss that important customer order, your employees don't miss that important communication and your suppliers don't miss that important update.

Is Your Enterprise Mobile Ready?